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WETRC now offers emergency alerts for students registered for our classes.


In the event of last-minute changes to your class (such as class cancellations due to inclement weather, power outages, etc), if you would like to receive a text notification in addition to our primary form of communication (email and phone), you can now “opt-in” for text notifications. Step-by-step instructions on how to do this are below. But first, please review the       details about the text option so that you understand WETRC’s policies regarding this feature.



· WETRC’s primary form of communication will remain email, followed by phone calls to the “daytime” number on file.

· The TEXT OPTION will ONLY be used in extreme circumstances, which we define as a change to your class within two business days prior to the class.  In these circumstances, we will email and call regarding the change. Students who have opted-in to the text feature will also receive a text alerting them about the change.

· We will not use texting for any other class communication and will not “spam” your text number with any other information.


Steps to Opt-In: Please follow ALL the steps carefully!

1. Follow this link and then sign-in to your WETRC account

2. Once you are signed-in, click the word “Account” (toward the right side of the dark blue bar across the top of the page)

3. From the Account Overview page, click My Profile.

4. When the My Profile window opens, scroll down in your profile information until you see the line for Mobile. Enter your mobile #. (A text-capable phone number MUST be entered in this field even if it is the same number as your “day phone” number). If this mobile# field is left blank, this feature will not work.

5.  On the line immediately below the mobile number, check the box for Opt In for texts.

Click SAVE CHANGES on the bottom right of the page. 

That’s it! You’re done! Thank you for participating.

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